One of the lessons learn that all Account Manager or Project Manager should know is to include creative team members to be part of client discussion. This is not sensible and can create double handing of work due to miscommunications between the client, requirements and the project.

Next time, bring along your designers to meetings and you will see the team work would improve client relationship and the success of the project.

Check out  this very discussion on SmashingMagazine, Why Account Managers Shouldn’t Prevent Designers From Speaking To Clients.


Check out this well written article in SmashingMagazine, Unique TV Series Episodes That Inspire Creativity, looking at web design inspiration gained from watching TV series such as Seinfeld, Xena, Family Ties and Star Trek.

The author concluded that, it is undeniable that the writers crafted a masterpiece that can inspire artists from many different creative fields to rethink their own work – helping them to break out of normalcy by creating something unique and memorable.

We have been delaying the new design due to looking after and completing client projects. Finally we have managed to give our own website and logo a facelift. There are lots more work related content which we will add soon.